The public gathering of populace art at a specific location and time is referred to as an event. An event can be staged for a variety of reasons, including increased corporate profitability, entertainment, celebratory, and communal causes, among others. Exhibitions and conferences, seminars and corporate events, marketing and fundraising, music and art performance, sports, festivals, trade exhibits, and product debuts are among the most popular events.

Event managers' jobs have become a lot easier thanks to the introduction of event management software. There are a plethora of event management apps available to make the process of planning any type of event much easier. These apps can assist you in better planning events so that everything goes according to plan.

Using an event management software programme can free up your time and energy so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of planning. Data is organised for you by the software, making it simple for you to use. You'll save time this way because you won't have to plan anything. You can immediately get to work on the most important elements of the event.

Latest Trends in Event Industry


Event planners will be able to focus on the areas of their profession that are most valuable to their events, vendors, and attendees because of artificial intelligence. Event calendars, visible presentations and papers, registration capabilities, and on-demand chat features can all be included in an AI application that has been designed. Apps have the capacity to store a significant amount of documentation and event information. Due to this, your event will run more smoothly, and you'll be able to provide your attendees with great levels of service even with fewer staff.


Chatbots are conversational technologies that provide a user-friendly interface for chat-driven conversations. They assist in providing consistent responses to inquiries through AI programming. You've probably seen them before, as the little assistant pop-ups in the bottom corner of a website. They are human-language taught to respond to questions in a variety of ways. Chatbots are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, and there is a growing list of reasons why. Chatbots are inexpensive and expandable to any size event, from huge to small and intimate, and are available as add-ons to regularly used apps, such as Facebook Messenger, with little or no learning curve for attendees.

Augmented Reality

These tools can be utilised in all aspects of event preparation. AR have proven to be valuable event enhancements for both the corporations who use them and the attendees who benefit from them since their beginnings. AR can provide a real-life experience and allow every user in the room to have the same experience and view identical graphics, making it ideal for increasing engagement. The event industry is embracing innovative technologies to influence and improve the way we communicate, attend events, and market our businesses. Augmented Reality may someday allow organisers to deliver virtual tours to attendees or put up virtual tour guides at their location.

Virtual or Hybrid Events

In 2021, people's reliance on virtual meetings and events grew as platforms like Zoom enabled them to work and socialise safely from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual events are here to stay, but they will continue to evolve in the coming year, particularly with hybrid events.

Hybrid events involve some visitors attending in person and others participating digitally. This allows participants to participate in the event at their own pace. Catering businesses that deliver food to virtual participants' homes can help venues and restaurants benefit from virtual and hybrid events.

Scope of the Business

Event management software can help attendees have a better time. The use of technology streamlines the job of an event manager, freeing them up to concentrate on the most important aspects of the event. It helps with everything from attendee satisfaction to project management, so give it a shot at your next event!

The event management industry is embracing numerous technological advancements that are already commonplace. Recent technological advancements are critical to the event industry's success. We're all aware that event tickets are no longer purchased at the box office because event management companies and ticketing platforms have eliminated the gap between event organisers and audiences.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, event planners can keep in touch with attendees as well as sponsors, sponsors' media, and the general public. This will help the event planners get valuable feedback, and it will make attendees feel valued long after the event is over. In order to prevent unauthorised access, the hotel has implemented retina and fingerprint scanners. This aids in preserving an event's exclusivity and intimacy. Looking at the big picture, it's difficult to see how and what technology has done for event managers. It's difficult to figure out how the industry manages to be so efficient.

How will Motioray serve your business?

While you may be the only one who truly understands your event's goals, the planning process becomes increasingly difficult and stressful as the event grows in scope and complexity. Large gatherings can be difficult for some people to manage due to lack of resources such as time, energy, or previous experience. Well, it's easy. If you need help planning an event, we're here to help.

Motionray creates SEO-optimized websites and portals to go beyond a said circle with the help of our robust marketing strategy. We employ multiple software solutions for events of all sizes, customized EMS expertise to track event motions, and assist businesses in digitizing events using cutting-edge technology. When we take on a new project, we have one goal in mind: to deliver a memorable event that exceeds our clients' expectations in every way.

We create applications that allow the user to book a seat, see the event scheduled or reschedule the plan. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool for any type of event. We combine email marketing with marketing automation to help you send more personalised emails about events. In event planning, we make use of cutting-edge technology that lets you work virtually from your home, coffee shop, or office, anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

You'll be able to plan and manage all of your events from a single screen now. You can connect with your audience and provide better communication and transparency with our event-specific apps and websites. We provide a wide range of options for your business to enhance its online presence and provide the best possible user experience. Talk to us about your upcoming event and we'll see what we can do for you! If you want to explore more of our services, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.