Best Technology for Mobile Application Development

1 Apr 2022

Nowadays, Mobile apps have changed the way companies do business and is absolutely essential for every business. Apps are important for expanding a company’s reach while providing related and widespread exposure to the brand. Many apps have made it easier for customers to get business information faster while also staying connected and up to date with their favourite brands and offers. So, to capture users’ attention and persuade them to use your app, you must create a trending app with a user-friendly interface that meets the current digitization bar. To do so, one must be well-versed in the technologies that can aid in the development of a user-friendly and robust app. With the proper understanding of mobile app development technologies, app developers can create some unique apps that can do well in the market.

Types of Mobile Applications

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Native Mobile Applications

    A native mobile application is application that is designed to work on a specific platform or device. It has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software because it was designed to run on a specific mobile device and its operating system. In contrast to mobile cloud apps or web apps, which are designed to be universal across various systems, native apps provide enhanced performance and leverage cutting-edge technology.

    Advantages of Native Mobile Applications
    • They are simple, have faster performance, and provide a better user experience.
    • They provide support for both online and offline operations.
    • Their features can be used to their full potential.
    • Because it makes use of the primary mobile device’s capabilities, it provides a wide range of functionalities.
    • It provides fast and efficient software performance
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications

    A hybrid application is a programme that combines elements of both native and web applications, with the application coded in web technology languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then condensed into a native application

    Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Applications
    • They can run on both iOS and Android with the same base code
    • They are time-efficient
    • They are less expensive
    • They are easier to scale to another platform
Features Native Applications Hybrid Applications
Maintenance Easier to maintain and update Require high maintenance
Security Provide better security Lacks proper security
Performance Fast & Responsive Require internet connectivity to run
Channel Hosted in the OS Hosted on the web
User Interface Match app UI/UX to platform conventions Insufficient User Interface
Used for Single platform app with high optimization Apps that need to work on multiple platforms

Native V/S Hybrid

  • Which one should you invest in?
  • Choosing whether to invest in the development of a native or hybrid mobile application is not as straightforward as it may appear at first. However, we are here to assist you in determining what is best for you!
    We recommend developing native applications because the mobile application is now the centre of the business, and you must ensure that the user experience, speed, and functionalities are the best on the market. If you have a large number of users and the most common mode of interaction is via a mobile application. In this case, native apps provide the best performance and user experience. Native apps provide high performance in order to provide the user with the necessary functionalities to assist you in growing your business effectively and efficiently. If you want to make a significant impact on the digital market with your business strategies and services, Native App Development is the way to go.

    Best technology for Mobile Application Development

    Now that you’ve determined the type of application you want for your company. It is now time to decide which technology will be used to create the best mobile applications. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best technologies for building robust mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms.

    Best technology for IOS development
    • X Code
    • X-code

      Apple’s X Code is integrated development environment for IOS, MacOS, TVOS, and watch OS. It enables you to quickly and easily write, compile, debug, test, and optimise applications before submitting them to the Apple App Store.

      Features of X Code:
      • It is compatible with the majority of programming languages
      • It includes a slew of tools to help you streamline your workflow and create great applications without stumbling blocks.
      • It manages the images in your app, grouping together different resolutions of the same asset.
      • It compiles the asset catalogue into the most effective bundle for final distribution when building.

      It also displays a running timeline of commits, assists you in determining blame, and graphically compares source files, with full support for Subversion and Git source control (SCM) systems.

    Best Technology for Android App Development
    • Android Studio
    • Android

      Android Studio is the one of the finest and incredible platforms for developing top-notch Android applications. It is built on IntelliJ IDEA, a Java-based integrated development environment for software, and includes its code editing and developer tools. Every Android Studio project includes one or more modalities with source code and resource files. With Android Studio, you can add new features that can boost your productivity when developing Android apps

      Features of Android Studio
      • It employs a versatile Gradle-based build system
      • It includes a powerful and feature-rich emulator for app testing.
      • Android Studio provides a unified environment in which one can develop best mobile applications for all Android devices
      • Android Studio includes a plethora of testing tools and frameworks
      • It is compatible with C++ and the NDK
      • It simplifies the integration of Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine.

How Motionray creates best Mobile application for your business?

If growing your business requires top-notch application development, then Motionray is where you can find all the solutions!
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